Discover Nyons

Nyons is at the heart of the Drome Provençale. This charming city is characterized by a large sun. People call it “Petit Nice”. It has a rich heritage and wine and olive oil is known for its olive oil and black olives A.O.C variety “Tench” picked in December and January.


Nyons will delight in any season with through its various productions: Nose black in winter, fruit, lavender and aromatic plants in summer and spring. Many wines that can be discovered through many villages such as Vinsobres, Saint-Maurice on Eygues etc.. …
You can discover the diverse and varied products in your market place or weekly Thursday market Provençal held in mid-May to mid-September.


Recreation Nyons:


  • Many footpaths and bike tours
  • Weekly markets
  • Water park: Nyonsoleiado;
  • The Scourtinerie, founded in 1892. You can visit his studio and discover its carpet Provence;
  • The Museum of the Olive Tree;
  • Oil mills;
  • Distillery Bleu Provence and manufacture of essential oils;
  • Visit wineries and Vineyards;
  • Visit the old town, the Roman Bridge, the Tower Randonne … ..
  • Please visit the website : Pays de Nyons

    Activities and tours around Nyons 


  • Mount Ventoux, the many hilltop villages, Mirabel aux Baronnies, Vaison, Grignan …